Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Samsung Tocco Ultra

Author: jamiehanson

Source: articlesbase.com

An amazing electronic gadget that keeps us connected with the entire world is a Mobile phone. Mobile phones have proved a boon to every person who uses it. No matter wherever we are and whenever we wish we can call our loved ones, they are just a call away. This amazing communication device has made world closer. The latest handsets and multiple functioning devices have transformed the life of many. Now the latest handset include amazing features like MP3 player, 8MP Camera, unlimited messaging, dual LED flash, auto focus and video recording apart from Internet connectivity. Thus, these mobile phones have become an important part of our lives and now it this awesome widget is possessed by almost all the people in the world. The value of this piece of technology is continuously growing and has reached a stage where one can not do without a handset. In the electronic market, you will find several mobile companies displaying their advanced technology and excellent applications in their production range. The most well-known mobile phone companies are Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Apple iPhone and so on. But Samsung is one of the most leading brands across the world and has gained immense popularity in mobile industry. The handsets manufactured and designed by Samsung are just beyond words as the applications are extremely useful and user-friendly. Among all other handsets available in Samsung, Samsung Tocco Ultra is highly popular and demanded all over the world. This mind-blowing gadget is a 12.8 mm slider and comes with a duralumin anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch casing to protect it from rough handling. It supports technical features like 8MP camera phone and to add clarity to your pictures it comes with dual LED flash to produce clear pictures even in the darkest of surroundings, auto focus feature that helps you to capture images that are perfect technically and video recording to record those precious moments that you would like to cherish forever. The images displayed on the 2.8 inch touch screen are crystal clear where you can customize it on your Samsung screen simply with your finger. This finger friendly interface is highly sensitive and responds immediately even if you touch it slightly. With additional features like music player, FM radio, GPS, microSD card slot for extended memory and 12-key keypad, you get all crammed together in this amazing widget. It supports 3G technology with immediate connection to Internet as the connectivity speed is surprisingly high at 7.2 Mbps. We would really appreciate the inbuilt mechanism, the speedy accelerometer that helps to connect links quickly, so viewing websites is much easier in the Samsung Tocco Ultra edition. Stay connected with the world through Internet and through other exciting features like MMS, SMS and email. You can also relax by listening to your favorite songs or music on FM radio or MP3 Player. And once you are on the Internet, you forget the world around you, you enjoy the hi-speed connectivity and view several web pages immediately. Samsung Tocco Ultra is astonishingly useful to people from all classes, either business class, service class or even a college student. Kids can't be ignored; they are engrossed to play interesting games available in this awesome handset. You can even download your child's favorite game from any gaming website as you also have an anti-virus downloaded in memory of your Samsung Tocco Ultra edition. Well, now that you are amazed with this remarkable piece of technology, just get it and experience for yourself. Get astonished by features of Samsung Tocco Ultra and feel the difference. Stay tuned with the world around you.

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