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ORLANDO, FL July 7, 2003 - WebSitePulseโ„ข, provider of Internet-based independent and objective remote website performance monitoring and early problem detection with real-time notification services announces the launch of its Transaction Monitoring Services supported by the World's First Web-Based Transaction Recorder and a Windows-Based Transaction Recorder.Transaction Monitoring is the next level of the WebSitePulseโ„ข advanced Server and Full-Page remote monitoring services.

The system performs pre-recorded multi-step transactions the same way a customer would do: following links, clicking on buttons, completing forms, adding products to shopping carts, checking out, processing credit cards and many other possible actions. If a failure is detected, notifications are sent immediately via email, phone call, SMS, cell phone or pager based on the notification escalation. Monitoring can be performed up to every 5 minutes from the WebSitePulseโ„ข global worldwide monitoring network.

The Service is supported by two free Transaction Recorders - Web-based and Windows-based, which provide identical functionalities. The Recorders allow the WebSitePulseโ„ข customers to record, edit and maintain any multiple-step web application transaction. The recording process is simple, intuitive and user-friendly, offering various options and combinations.

"The Transaction Monitoring service makes it easy for our customers to gain detailed insight into the performance of all their web-systems, as well as to determine the true end-to-end user experience with complex web application transactions. The result being improved performance and higher level of customer satisfaction." - says Iavor Marinov, CEO of Image Project, Inc., the company that owns the WebSitePulseโ„ข brand. "It is a very sophisticated tool that allows our customers to take a more competitive advantage of the WebSitePulseโ„ข monitoring service, performed by its Global monitoring agents around the World".

About WebSitePulseโ„ข:

WebSitePulseโ„ข is a leading provider of Internet-based independent and objective remote Website performance monitoring and early problem detection with real-time notification services. Its proprietary monitoring agent is designed for synchronized 24/7 monitoring through an integrated global network of interconnected stations. The system constantly measures Website accessibility and web-based systems performance, immediately triggers alerts and troubleshooting notifications of detected problems and provides its customers with real time charts, graphs and raw data for detailed analysis.

Built-up on the latest Internet technologies, WebSitePulseโ„ข ensures a dependable, redundant, flexible and scalable service that prevents its customers from loss and enhances their end-users' experience.

WebSitePulseโ„ข is a service of Image Project, Inc. - a privately owned corporation for e-business solutions based in Orlando, Florida, USA.

For more information on WebSitePulseโ„ข, please visit our website at or call Ognian (Oggie) Dimov at (561) 389-1829 or at (386) 574-1878.

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I.R.I.S. announces record sales for Readiris Pro 8, the latest version of its flagship OCR product

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Delray Beach, FL โ€" September 12, 2003 - Readiris Pro text recognition software converts paper documents (captured with scanners, all-in-one devices or digital cameras), PDF documents (even read-only files!), image fax files into editable text, saving the private and professional user cumbersome manual retyping.

Introduced on the Mac OS and Windows platforms in late 2002, Readiris Pro met a large success in the IT press. PC Plus, Mac Format, Windows Magazine, PC Answers, PC Direct and PC Format all published rave reviews of Readiris Pro.

โ€œWe are pleased to see that the latest release of our Readiris Pro Software receive lots of recognition from the press,โ€ according to Pierre De Muelenaere, president and CEO of I.R.I.S. The first six months after the launch of Readiris Pro 8, the revenue derived from the sales of Readiris Pro products has increased more than 22% compared to the same period after the launch of Readiris Pro 7. This performance reflects an increased visibility of the Readiris product on the market.โ€

This summer, Readiris Pro received several awards in the United Kingdom.

PC Plus, in its August issue, gave Readiris, an overall mark of 8, adding a series positive comments: โ€œIf you fancy moving closer to the paperless office by moving your printed documents into the digital world, then Readiris Pro is the tool to help. โ€œThe wizards turn a potentially complex task into something anyone can get along with.โ€

In June, Mac Format rated Readiris Pro 4/5 and the following review: โ€œIt's a nice touch of flexibility and works extremely well for multi-column layoutsโ€โ€ฆ. "Reasonably accurate results and the only OCR solution available if you're running Jaguar. The price is reasonable and support is good."

In France, Readiris reached a 18/20 rating from PC Direct in February as well as the โ€œBest Performancesโ€ award: "Readiris is multilingual, fast, intelligent and Web & PDF compatible."

And it was the same success at PC Achat in January: Readiris received a 8/10 mark and the 5 stars โ€œRecommended - Quality/Priceโ€ award: โ€œA performing and complete OCR toolโ€ฆ A multilingual OCR software, fast and accurate, able to respect the document layout and to generate PDF and HTML files.โ€

Readiris Pro just received a โ€œthumbs upโ€ in Personal Computer World September issue with 5 stars for the quality of its features: โ€œWhere Readiris Pro 8 truly excels is in processing documents that contain a mix of images, tables, text and font styles and sizesโ€ฆ. Other additions include recognition of read-only PDF files and an option to output scanned documents as WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) HTML, retaining the original layout content. We tried this latter feature on a numbers of scans and were impressed.โ€

In competitive reviews, Readiris Pro achieved the highest scores. (Some of these reviews specifically concern the OCR software; others evaluate complete solutions delivered by scanner vendors.)

For instance, in Belgium and in the Netherlands, Readiris Pro has received the highest note of โ€œ4 โ€" starsโ€ three times with very positive comments about the quality as the best OCR.

Computer Magazine (Belgium- December 2002) gave a 4 stars quotation to Readiris Pro.

Computer Totaal! (The Netherlands โ€" February 2002) gave Readiris 4/5 bullets.


In Personal Computer Magazine (The Netherlands โ€" January 2003) Readiris Pro also received 4/5 stars.

In latest July, a US journalist of CRN's web site (, while testing an HP ScanJet 8290 scanner, was astonished by the OCR quality of Readiris Pro: โ€œThe unit comes with robust image-editing software that enables images to be scanned within seconds, I.R.I.S. Readiris Pro 8.0 OCR. The OCR application capability is remarkable. It rarely misses a character and automatically finds errors, allowing for instant correction.โ€ The HP solution was rated 4-stars.

In PC-World of July 2003, in a comparative test involving the Microtek ScanMaker 6800, the Epson Perfection 3200 Photo and the HP Scanjet 5550c, the journalist writes: โ€œFor the work of Optical Character Recognition, the HP scanner is, without any doubt, the best choice."

Another computer journalist from Windows XP Magazine (in the August issue) appreciated the easy editing of the recognized document: "Readiris goes far beyond simply lifting words from a scanned page, and is capable of reproducing entire documents, maintaining flow from text box to text box, differentiating between fancy fonts and entire graphics, and packaging the result in a form that's easy to both edit and read."

In the UK magazine PC Answers (in June 2003), due emphasis is put on the number of output formats and the multilingual capacities of Readiris: โ€œReadiris Pro 8 is the perfect solution to generate fully searchable PDFs, create web pages in HTML format or generate editable word processor files - all this in a large combination of languages.โ€

Even read-only PDF files can be converted in computer-editable documents with Readiris. This feature was enjoyed by PC Format (UK) in its May issue: โ€œFree your words from inconvenient paper with Readiris - a professional OCR package capable of doing anything from pulling content from your scanner to converting locked PDFs into editable documents."

โ€œThis important series of awards constitutes real recognition of the considerable efforts made by our development team. Mind you, this effort is continued, and the next version of Readiris Pro should help us to continue to make significant progress,โ€ says Catherine Rochigneux, marketing manager at I.R.I.S. โ€œOver the past years, the I.R.I.S. OCR technology has become a standard on the market and is used by large scanner manufacturers including Hewlett-Packard, Fujitsu, Agfa, Canon, Teco, Sharp and Kodak, among others.โ€

About I.R.I.S.

Image Recognition Integrated Systems (I.R.I.S.), a Belgian company founded in 1987 and listed on Euronext Brussels (IRI), is a leader on the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) market, the Automatic Document Reading (ADR) and the Electronic Document Management markets. I.R.I.S. also develops market leading pen and business card scanners. For more information, visit the I.R.I.S. website at


Michael Becce

MRB Public Relations, Inc.

Phone: 732-758-1100 x102


Journalists can register on the I.R.I.S. Extranet web site by clicking on the link They will receive a personal login and password to access the Extranet web site where more corporate and product information is available.

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Samsung F480 Tocco Pink : Excellent handset with loads of remarkable features

Author: Stephen George


The Samsung F480 Tocco Pink handset is an elegant looking handset designed to cater the needs of stylish and fashion conscious individuals. The phone dimensions are 11.8 mm x 55mm x95.9mm and weighs about 91gms.The phone has a 2.8 coloured TFT display screen with a display of 262K colour and a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels which add together to provide the user with brilliant picture quality. The handset focuses the upper category of the mobile market as the handset offers a powerful imaging ability and amazing picture quality. Apart form SMS or text messaging the handset allows users to send and receive multimedia messages with sound, photo, images and videos. One can also send and receive email and view attachments over the phone. The handset is compatible with GPRS (Class 12) and Bluetooth with A2DP which allow fast data transfer. The presence of Bluetooth technology in this device helps in easy transferring of data including music files, photos and videos etc. The phone is also Tri-band compatible which allows user to experience the worldwide network coverage with a difference. With built-in WAP browser of the device is a nice option to access the Internet at will. The built-in 5 mega pixel camera of the Samsung F480 Tocco Pink possesses a high performance camera with amazing picture taking abilities. The camera offers a resolution of 2592 ? 1944 pixels along with flash and auto focus features. Other Samsung mobile phones that are equally creating waves in the mobile market are Samsung Star and Samsung Ultratouch. They both have great looks and wonderful features but the Star has 3.2 mega pixel camera whereas, the Ultratouch has an amazing 8 mega pixel camera which ensures excellent image quality. The Tocco Pink is a wonderful Samsung mobile phone that can not only capture still photos but also record videos. With the image stabilizer user always gets a steady picture every time he clicks for taking pictures. The MPEG4, H264 and H263 file formats are supported by the handset for watching and recording videos. The video player in the phone allows user to record, play and stream video in a well organized way. The phone allows the user to save, share and blog his personal images and video. A user can also save his photos in the picture phone book. With video editing a user can edit his pictures, clips and videos. With the presence of 3G user can talk with some other user on the 3G video call over another 3G compatible device. The Samsung F480 Tocco Pink is a true entertainer with the support for MP3 format, AAC and AAC+ music formats. One can make wireless data transfer to other suitable devices with the presence of built-in Bluetooth feature. With the presence of FM radio, user can listen to his favorite radio station. The handset is the most desirable handset in the 3G smartphone category and has an exceptionally high performance camera which places it above the rest.

Stephen George is expert author of Telecommunication industry. Who writes on Mobile Phone Reviews, Samsung Mobile Phones

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Website Optimisation & Design: Which Screen Resolution to Design for?

Author: Ilan Touri

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It is at times a accepted aberration for web designers, abnormally beginners, to actualize a website which is not optimised for assorted awning resolutions. With over 40 altered awning resolutions, it is acutely important to optimise your web pages for the a lot of accepted awning resolutions so that your web pages can be beheld by a greater amount of online visitors.
Here are some basal facts to accede if designing for awning resolutions:
- 800x600 is the minimum resolution offered on a lot of PCs and notebooks. 800x600 is aswell the adopted examination advantage for 14% of internet users.
- The a lot of accepted resolutions acclimated by about 60% of online users is 1024 x 768, followed by 1280x1024 and added resolutions, with 26% of internet users.
Designing for a advanced spectrum of resolutions is accordingly essential. But how is this achieved?
The action of designing for all resolutions is accomplished through a "lowest-to-highest" resolution technique. Which anytime angel alteration or web architecture appliance you are using, it is important to set your alive breadth or table amplitude to a resolution aural 800 x 600. A acceptable breadth of 770 x 560 is recommended for best examination in a web browser on a 800 x 600 awning resolution. This recommended breadth will not alone allay accumbent page scrolling but will accumulate your pages user affable and simple to read.
Designing web pages for all resolutions is abnormally advantageous for alluring and befitting visitors for a best aeon of time on your site. Simple to use and apprehend websites are consistently added acceptable to allure customers. A ailing advised and structured website with annoyed accumbent scrolling will alone drive abroad visitors and abeyant buyers.

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Barnacle Bill the Sailor Launches Starring Ron Jeremy

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September 22, 2004 -- Executive Producers Steve Banan and Ron Jeremy along with MK Multimedia, Drunk and Disorderly and more fair maidens then you could imagine are proud to announce the launching of

Filmed in front of a semi comatose audience, cinematography by Steve Banan, directed by Ron Jeremy, edited by Jim Borrows, stills by Ernie Flores, starring Ron Jeremy and the most beautiful fair maidens you have ever seen make the character Barnacle Bill the Sailorโ„ข come alive.

This membership website has been the talk of the adult industry and Ron's many fans for over a year, now finally it is a reality. AVN (Adult Video News) number one male porn star of all time Ron Jeremy, slips on his pea coat and sailor's cap and becomes the number one sex rogue of all time, Barnacle Bill the Sailorโ„ข

Soon to become a video and DVD series Metro Pictures biggest star Ron Jeremy brings this character to life with more laughs and action then you have seen in along time. It's different and unique in so many ways. Only as a member, you will be able to experience Ron and the girls in ways you could not even begin to fantasize and imagine.

The photo galleries with stills shot by adult industry photographer Ernie Flores are viewed through slideshows, made simple by new technology powered by Image-Folio. This new and unique program allows the member to take charge of all the galleries at a single click.

The liquid flow shooting style of cinematographer Steve Banan makes you feel that you are right there in the middle of the action alongside Barnacle Bill. Steve Banan stays with the action throughout, with minimum cuts and transitions. This brings the member closer, so they can enjoy the sex from the beginning to the end.

MK Multimedia brings the videos loads to the member in three easy parts. You can view them online over DSL/Cable, Dial Up Modem, or High Quality Download, to view later on your own computer. All videos and stills are coated to protect the copyrights and authenticity.

The lyrics and music of the theme song "Barnacle Bill the Sailor" is performed magnificently by Drunk and Disorderly. In the coming months the member will be able to hear other selections performed by these amazing guys.

Keep up with the news in a section just devoted to Barnacle Bill's appearances all around the world. All members will joy in the delight to know, when Ron Jeremy will be in your town. On certain days members will be able to chat online with Ron Jeremy aka Barnacle Bill and some of the fair maidens.

MK Multimedia has created a memorabilia section were the member will be able to pick up an original one of a kind keepsake from any one of the video shows. These prominent originals come autographed by Ron Jeremy aka Barnacle Bill the Sailorโ„ข.

There is also a store attached to the website where you can purchase any of over 1,700 of Ron Jeremy's titles. Coming next month sex tips from the number one male porn star of all times Ron Jeremy aka Barancle Bill the Sailorโ„ข.

Executive Producers Steve Banan and Ron Jeremy alongside MK Multimedia assure their members constant updates of new video episodes. If you have any advice or suggestions for new and different Barnacle Bill adventures, they would love to hear from you. Be the smart one on your block join today There was Archie Bunker, there was Al Bundy and now Barnacle Bill the Sailorโ„ข.

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DVD to SWF converter guide: How to convert DVD Movies to Flash SWFFLV

Author: Rushrush


Do you want to share your DVD movie clips in YouTube or your blog? If yes, what is the suitable video format? Any way the video clips must be in high quality and smaller size. As far as we know, flash FLV or flash SWF is the best choice. Flash files usually have small sizes and high video quality. So more and more web clubs use flash FLV to distribute their videos, such as YouTube, Metacafe, Google Video, Yahoo Video, etc. How to create a customizable flash(SWFFLV) from DVDs? ÂCan we select flash player templates, insert promotion link, create opening movie or ending movie, etc.? Wondershare DVD to SWF Converter can help you do them. From the following 3 parts, you will get detailed information about how to convert your favorite DVD to SWFFLV. Part 1: How to convert DVD movies to SWFFLV with 3 steps? Part 2: How to edit videos (crop, trim and adjust effect)? Part 3: How to create your unique SWF flash video? Please first download this DVD to Flash Converter, install and run it. This is the main interface of this DVD to Flash Converter, please move your mouse on the picture and you will get some detailed procedural steps for operation. Part 1: How to convert DVD to SWFFLV with 3 steps? Step1 Import DVD Movie Click "File" in menu list or "Add" button, you can load DVDs from DVD Rom/Folder(data DVD)/IFO/ISOÂ files respectively. Step 2: Select output settings Select SWF or FLV format in "Format" drop-down list, specify the output directory to save your converted files in "Output" drop-down list. And you can also set the related video/audio parameters in "Settings" window by clicking . Step 3: Start conversion Click "Start" button to start conversion. Part 2: How to edit videos (crop, trim and adjust effect)? With this DVD to Flash Converter, you can edit video files by cropping, trimming and adjusting video effect after clicking . The steps below will show you how to edit perform these functions. Trim video Click "Trim", you can get your ideal video clips by setting start time/end time/selected length. Crop video Click "Crop" and you can resize the video. You can get the desired size of video for your player by selecting aspect ratio, dragging cropping frame or setting the related parameters. Adjust video effect Click "Effect" and you can make some special effect to the video by setting brightness, contrast and saturation etc. You will get an intuitive preview of the video effect before and after adjusting with two real-time previewing panes. Part 3: How to create your unique SWF flash video? With this DVD to SWF Converter, you can create your unique SWF flash video by clicking . Select flash player template You can select your favorite flash player template from the Built-in 20+ output flash player templates list on the left. You can also add either text or image information as watermark. You can even input a web page address in the URL field, which is associated with the water mark. Add head to flash video Click "Head" and check "Add Credits", you can add image/content to decorate your flash head. You can also apply the transition effect to the added content. Add tail to flash video The same as adding head, you can add trail for your flash video by clicking "Tail" and checking "Add Credits". Up to now, it's time to enjoy your special flash video. Related article: 9 MPEG to FLV Tips: help you to convert MPEGMPG to FLV more easily

Flash videos enrich my digital life!!

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Explain how to edit and convert Quicktime(MOV) to SWF in the round

Author: Rushrush


From: What is MOV? MOV is a file format developed by Apple Computer to create, edit, publish, and view multimedia files. This kind of file format functions as a multimedia container file that contains one or more tracks, each of which stores a particular type of data: audio, video, effects, or text (e.g. for subtitles). The advantage of MOV files is the ability to contain abstract data references for the media data. That means that they can be easily edited - no need to rewrite all media data after editing. To play your MOV video, the installation of Quick Time is a must. To share your MOV video with your friends on your Blog, or some video sharing web such as YouTube, MySpace, etc. the conversion of MOV to SWF is necessary. For SWF file is in good quality and small size. Wondershare Video to Flash Converter will be of help to you to convert MOV to SWF with ease. How to convert MOV files to SWF files? Free download Wondershare flash video encoder and you can finish all the conversion including video editing within the following 4 steps. Step 1: Click “Load File…” to load one or more MOV files. Step 2: Select .SWF as output format. Step 3: Edit video. Click “edit” and you can crop, trim, adjust video effect and customize head and tail of videos to get your ideal SWF flash videos. Crop video You can resize video to get your ideal video size. Adjust video effect You can adjust video effect. Here I apply the “Old Film” effect to the video. Customize head and tail for SWF flash video You can also customize head and tail for your flash video by adding text or image as watermark. And you can also select your favorite flash player template by clicking “Templates”. Step 4. Click “Start” to start conversion.

Flash videos enrich my digital life!!

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Videogreetingcard.Com - Web-Based Video Greeting Card Service Just In Time For The Holidays.

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Brett Cramer

Phone) 954-771-9035

Fax) 954-772-0334

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL โ€" November 23, 1999 โ€", a leading provider of video streaming services, announced its first niche offering โ€" is a revolutionary concept for the Internet: personalized greeting cards with audio and video โ€" delivered anywhere in the connected world. will use's โ€œStreaming the Net (SM)โ€ video servers and technology coupled with an e-commerce and database backend.

A video greeting card is a public / private web page clients give out to all their friends, families, co-workers or customers. Each page will have a personalized message and a video that can be watched. For privacy, recipients of the card will be required to sign in with a unique non-sequential card number to view the greeting. Introductory pricing starts at $29.95 for families and small business, $79.95 for corporate clients.

A complete video greeting card includes up to 3 minutes of video placed on an background web page. The background web page is made up of a high-quality image, a traditional holiday greeting, the senders' family or company name and a paragraph of user provided text. The graphic element can either be a personal image or an image from one of five popular categories. The video element is taken from videotape provided by the sender in any of the popular video formats (VHS, S-VHS, 8mm, Hi-8, or DVCAM). will then digitize, encode and serve it.

โ€œAlmost all aspects of the video greeting card are customizable,โ€ said Brett Cramer, President and CEO. Mr. Cramer goes on to say โ€œEveryone knows that the Internet is HOT. 1999 was the year of e-commerce and 2000 will be the year of bandwidth โ€" and bandwidth enables video streaming. More and more, people are relying on the Internet for all aspects of their lives. As such, we see a need for professional, customizable greetings and and will be leading the way.โ€

About with its โ€œStreaming the Net (SM)โ€ video servers intends to be a leading supplier of on-demand video streaming and digitization services. was founded by brothers Brett and Mark Cramer and is a natural extension of their sixteen-year-old business specializing in Non-Linear Video Editing, graphics and animation systems. currently has a stable of over 75 domain names in 10 market segments for use in video streaming and hosting services.

For additional information on, or the products that they offer visit their web site at or call (954) 771-9035.

Other product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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ClickInstall 1.0 For Mac OS X

Author: Harold Halbleib


Software companies now have a simple solution to create professional Mac OS X software installers that reduce support cost. ClickInstall makes it easy to create compressed, password-protected, self-extracting installers with basic computer skills. An installer can be double-clicked on a CD to begin installation without confusing disk images created on the hard drive. An installer can be downloaded from a web site and double-clicked directly from the Desktop or Downloads folder to begin installation.

ClickInstall presents a simple installer window with custom logo, icon and background images. The developer can include a web link to the company or product page, copyright notice, license agreement with required confirmation, help or release notes. An executable can run before installation to confirm system requirements or after installation to complete custom actions. The installer window title, buttons and text can be customized for any language.

Each installer record stores the source application folder path, images, text, password and options. Select a record and click Build to generate an installer ready for a CD or web site. During development, ClickInstall supports multiple databases of installer records and access from multiple computers or user accounts making it easy to manage many installers customized for different product options and languages. It generates royalty-free installers for any number of products with a simple, no-nonsense, one-time licensing fee.

ClickInstall 1.0 is a universal binary application for Mac OS X on PPC or Intel based computers. The Single User License is $295 with site licensing available. The package includes a printed and PDF manual with simple tutorial. Download a Trial edition and create your first Mac OS X software installer in minutes.

Excel Software provides tools to thousands of developers in over 40 countries. Capabilities include system models & simulation, requirements management, software design, code generation, reverse engineering, bug tracking, help authoring, software license protection and Internet marketing automation.

Excel Software
Ph: (505) 771-3719
Fax: (505) 771-3718

Established in 1985, Excel Software provides Windows and Mac OS X software products to thousands of users worldwide. Capabilities include system modeling & simulation, requirements management, software design, code generation, reengineering, bug tracking, help authoring, software license management and internet marketing automation.

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Video Editor for Mac---the Trendy Art of Movie Editing

Author: softman


ÂVideo Editor for Mac just walks to us at the right time when we are amazed at how richful a variety of movie editing sources avaible to us. It is powerful movie editing application that comes along to meet our various project demands. Whether it's about digital photos and art, memorable homes video, or a funny youtube video that you got from your best friend, or all the marvellous music you could possibly use. Video Editor for Mac just handle them right and beautifully. I'm definitely sure you're going to love it, not only because of its cute appearence and user friendly interface, but also for its excellence of video editing capability. ÂVideo Editor for MacÂis going to make a difference. It's been an old story telling about converting between popular video formats, though it has that function. And my point is not there. Video Editor for Mac offers you a one-stop service to edit video, audio, photo, effect and special effects. You are also allow to crop movie and trim movie freely. Video Editor for MacÂis a great partner working with iMovie. Using it you can easily export flv, wmv, mkv to MP4, M4V, MOV, AVI, 3GP which are supported by iMovie, then it will be an easier thing for imovie to import them and export later on for playback onto iTunes, QuickTime. Time to be proud of yourself for not only creating a piece of art, also for making a video for your media player.  Key Functions: Convert videos in between: supported Input video formats: avi, wmv, 3gp, flv, 3g2, mov, vob, mpg, asf, swf, rm , rmvb, mp4, mkv, tod, mod, DivX, Xvid, H.264 supported Output video formats: AVI, MPG, WMV, MP4, FLV, MOV, 3GP, 3G2, SWF, DV, MKV  Extract audio form video & convert audio files Input Audio formats: MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, FLAC,M4A, AC3, MP2Output Audio formats: mka, mp3, wav, m4a, aac, ac3 ,aiff, amr ,flac, wma ,mp2  Capture images and store them in different image formats: jpg, bmp, png  Export video for iMovie, ITunes, QuickTime, FinalCut Pro, etc MP4, M4V, MOV, M4A, 3GP  Crop video Cut out unwanted part in the frame like subtitle, credits, black can set the crop values: Top, Button, Left and Right by directly entering the desired numbers.You can also select an output aspect ratio : Keep Original, full screen, 16:9 and 4:3.  Trim movie define the segments of the video that need to be converted you can set the start time and ending time by dragging slider bar to convert a clip from your movie.  Effect and special effects: to get your personalized output video effect, there are several buttons for you to freely play with. set the video brightness, contrast, saturation output the movie as Gray, old film, embossy see the movie in a horizontal or vertical way  Online technical support and periodically program update service for free. Â

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Three Software Applications That Will Surprise You

Author: John Deprice


When you think software, you probably think e-mail, backup, antivirus and other technogeek stuff. Belive it or not, software can be fun. Here is the proof.
Living Cookbook (Radium Technologies)
Living Cookbook is cooking and recipe management software. You can use it to create, organize, print, and e-mail your recipes. It's packed with cool features like a meal planning calendar, cookbook publishing, nutritional analysis, menus, an ingredient database. Even kitchen novices will feel like master chefs after using the encyclopedic Living Cookbook. A battery of recipes is here, of course, offering detailed ingredients, instructions, and even images. But most notable is the comprehensive glossary offering up insight into arcane cooking terms and data. You even can edit entries if your kitchen tests reveal necessary tweaks or tips. Printing and sharing tools also are handy. Anyone looking to sharpen their culinary chops will find Living Cookbook an excellent resource.
River Past Screen Recorder (River Past)
River Past Screen Recorder lets you capture AVI video from the full screen, a window, a rectangle region, or a defined area around the cursor. You decide whether you want the cursor image to be included or not. You can even record audio into the AVI, from the microphone, line-in, or speakers. The Pro version allows you to record to WMV files using Microsoft's Windows Media Screen codec, which is specialized in producing high quality and small screen videos. You have the full control over the codec of the AVI file. You can choose the video compressor, and its compression quality. You can minimize River Past Screen Recorder, and start and stop recording by the hot keys. You can even pause the recording. What are some possible apps? You can record your PC screen to show what you did to fix a problem.
CTube! (East Bay Technologies)
CTube! is one of the largest resource available for viewing Internet Television, with over 1500 channels of TV, Live video channels and Web cams, plus an Internet Video Search, with over 2 million videos. You can watch uncensored news, music videos, education, and entertainment channels from around the world. CTube is ideal for people interested in alternative programming, learning languages, foreign cultures, entertainment, or news. CTube! gives you all the benefits of Internet Television without having to do tedious searches or view online ads. You know what kinds of programs you like - CTube! gives them to you all in one place without the stuff you don't like - hassles and online advertisements.
Download Links:
Living Cookbook:
River Past Screen Recorder:
John Deprice owns and operates

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Adobe Photoshop Cs3 Review

Author: Adobe Photoshop CS3 Review


After accepting a adventitious to analysis out for myself the latest accession to the Adobe family, I absitively to address this Adobe Photoshop CS3 review. Senior Creative Director of Adobe, Russell Preston Brown, is aflame about the new Smart Filters. Should you be, too? If you're a fan of Photoshop, or even if you aren't, hopefully you'll account from this abrupt analysis account the latest affection improvements and additions to an old favorite.

A bit of a photographer, I've consistently enjoyed arena about with my pictures with Photoshop. I've become a bit of an expert, and I was absolutely aflame to apprehend that Adobe was absolution a new adaptation of the classic, alleged Photoshop CS3. I was analytical to see how it would be after ImageReady, which this new adaptation dropped.

I was appealing psyched to ascertain I didn't absolutely absence ImageReady at all. Speed increases and workflow enhancements added to my accepted accompaniment of glee. In fact, all-embracing achievement in accepted was abundant better, and the alteration capabilities were awesome. Mac and PC users will both account from the speedier program, so beyond the lath Photoshop CS3 gets an A+ on the activity front.

Also, Photoshop CS3 lets you consign images for Zoomify. As for the Smart Filters, they're aggregate the advertising has claimed. It doesn't amount if you wish to blur, acuminate or accomplish any added nondestructive modification. They can handle the job. A claimed admired new toy of abundance is the black-and-white about-face capabilities, which are additional alone to the bigger raw angel processing.

So there you accept it. Photoshop CS3 is alarming and able-bodied account the amount of upgrading. I agilely acclaim it to all accepted Photoshop users, who will be abundantly afraid with all of the new appearance this adaptation offers. Even CNET editors agree, appraisement Photoshop CS3 as "Excellent" on their accepted scale!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Making The Most Of Photoshop's Selection Tool

Author: David Peters -


There is no photo editing or graphic design project that you cannot accomplish using Adobe Photoshop if you are thoroughly familiar with the tools available.

The tool that seems to be necessary for nearly every application in Photoshop is the selection tool.

The selection tool isolates objects for the purpose of editing specific areas of your image without effecting the entire image.

The selection tool in Photoshop is actually four tools depending on your particular task. The selection tool includes the Rectangular Marquee Tool, the Elliptical Marquee Tool, the Single Row Marquee Tool and the Single Column Marquee Tool.

What can you do with the selection tool in Photoshop? The following are just a few examples of projects or applications you might being doing in Photoshop and how the selection tool can make your life easier.

Cropping images requires that you use the selection tool to designate the section of the image to be removed or cropped.

Adding Text to Images

If you plan to add text to an image or graphic design you can also designate the area to add the text using the selection tool.

Isolated Color Work

Let's say you want to adjust the saturation or hue of a particular object in a photography. The selection tool will allow you to isolate the object and then adjust the color as needed.

You can adjust the entire selected area or isolated color channels.

These examples are obviously a very small sample of the ways you might use the selection tool in Photoshop. In fact, the selection tool is used for hundreds of different photo editing projects or more.

The selection tool in Adobe Photoshop is probably one of the most important tools that you will use in your photo editing and graphic logo design work.

As you learn Photoshop be sure to develop a solid grounding in the use of the selection tool.

Monday, November 9, 2009

How to convert video to SWF format?

Author: nina7683


A few canicule ago one of my accompany asked me how to catechumen his videos to SWF architecture so he can upload them to his website to advertisement his company. Actually it is simple what we charge is a video to Flash converter. It is simple to say but acquisition the best one is difficult as there are so abounding agnate applications on the market. Here I acclaim Moyea Flash Video MX Pro. This software can abutment imputing about any video architecture and consign .flv file, .swf book and .html file. You can use the .html book as a webpage directly. Â This commodity will acquaint you how to catechumen video to SWF directly. Â After you install and barrage the program, you can see this interface. Â Step1. Import video Let's yield an MP4 book for example. Import the video and you can see it in the examination panel. Here you can adapt your video like accent and cropping, abacus watermark on your video, ambience accuracy and contrast, even abduction a snapshot of your video. Now I will advise you how to add a logo on your video. This software allows you to add an angel watermark or a argument watermark. Accept Watermark section, columnist add button, and you can accept add an angel or a argument watermark. After you add the watermark, you can see the aftereffect like this: Â Step2. Achievement settings In this section, you can accept the achievement binder and achievement formats. Here are three choices for you to accept "Generate Flash video (FLV)", "Embed the video in SWF and play in timeline", and "Generate HTML file". Â If you wish to catechumen your video to SWF book alone amuse baddest Bury the video in SWF and play in timeline or do not baddest Accomplish Flash video (FLV). As a absence this software can accomplish a FLV file, a SWF book and a HTML file, if you wish to upload your video on your website amuse put all these three files in the aforementioned binder and the HTML book can be acclimated anon as a web page. Â Step3. Add amateur and preloader As you see in aloft picture, you can add a amateur derma and preloader on your video and with admirable appropriate effects. Â Step4. Catechumen In the final interface, just columnist the Start button you can get your SWF book in a few minutes. How to bury SWF into HTML page You can cipher the page as follows:<!--url's acclimated in the movie--><!--text acclimated in the movie--><!-- adored from url=(0013)about:internet --><object classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" codebase=",0,0,0" width="320" height="270"><param name="movie" value=" file_name.swf?videoFile=christmas_1.flv"><param name="quality" value="high"><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="sameDomain" /><param name="allowFullScreen" value="True" /><embed src=" file_name.swf?videoFile=christmas_1.flv" quality="high" pluginspage="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="320" height="270" allowScriptAccess="sameDomain" allowFullScreen="True"></embed> </object> Well, accept you noticed the christmas_1.flv in blue? This can be adapted to the complete aisle of the .flv file. For example:<param name="movie" value="file_name.swf?videoFile= flvdownload_demo.flv"> (can abutment HTTP and RTMP) The aloft alone abutment IE, if you wish it to abutment Firefox, amuse chase this:Modify <embed src="file_name.swf?"<embed src="file_name.swf?videoFile="... The width="320" height="270" in atramentous indicates the amplitude and the acme of your video.

Moyea Software is professional and pioneering multimedia technologies provider, who is specialized in processing and broadcasting media over the Internet as well as in the daily life.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sony Ericsson C905 VS Sony Ericsson W995 - phones to capture moments of life

Author: Martin Dev


High end camera phones are being launched every day across the globe to provide users liberty form carrying a digital camera. Sony Ericssion is working hard towards manufacturing mobile phones with high end cameras to give people ultimate gadgets to go for. The company has launched two mobile phones with ultimate features and high quality cameras to get a grip in mobile phone market. The Sony Ericsson C905 and Sony Ericsson W995 are on the way to make world their fan. The devices have every thing to cater for wide demand of users. Design Style is what Sony Ericssion is known to give to its products. The mobile phones are not an exception with having a slider design. Both the devices have slide to open keypad giving stylish looks. The bar phones show that, company has taken care of each and every aspect while designing these products. Camera Both the mobile phones have high quality cameras the only difference being Sony Ericsson W995 has a bit higher 8.1 mega pixel camera while Sony Ericsson C905 is incorporated with a 8 mega pixel camera. Both cameras have resolution of 3264x2448 pixels with auto focus facility to take better snaps. With geo-tagging, face detection and image stabiliser one can do more with clicked pictures in W995 whereas C905 has a powerful xenon flash to click pictures at night. Face and smile detection, smart contrast and smile detection makes one to do a lot of editing with pictures taken. Screen Sony Ericsson C905 has 2.4 inches TFT screen with 256 thousand colours having a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels while Sony Ericsson W995 has bigger 2.6 inches TFT screen supporting a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels with 256 thousand colours to enable better viewing experience. Both the mobile phones are equipped with accelerometer for auto roation of images to provide good viewing experience. Data W995 has high speed 3G which can support internet speed up to 7.2 mbps while C905 can support a speed of 3.6 mbps only. Both of the two are equipped with Wi Fi which makes users to connect at workplaces to do their work. Entertainment and other features Both the mobile phones can play wide range of music file including MP3, AAC, MPEG4file formates but with walkman 4.0 player Sony Ericsson W995 gives true music listening experience. One can also blog through this mobile phone. The gadget can be used to share and watch videos on You Tube with You Tube application provided.GPS is given for easy relocation of users. Battery Back up Sony Ericsson W995 and Sony Ericsson C905 both have good battery back up with first one having stand by of up to 370 hours in 2G and 360 hours in 3G network, the talk time being 9 hours in 2G and up to 4 hours in 3G while the second one gives stand by up to 380 hours in 2G and 360 hours in 3G. The talk time being 9 hours in 2G and 4 hours in 3G.

Read More Sony Ericsson C905 and Sony Ericsson W995

Friday, November 6, 2009

SplashData's SplashPhoto 4.0 Now Available for Sony Ericsson P800 Smartphones

Author: Anonymous

Source: free-articles

SEATTLE WA via MobilityNewswire) September 29 2003--SplashData, Inc., the leading developer of โ€œvirtual walletโ€ applications for mobile devices, has yet again ported its popular SplashPhoto image viewer software to another platform. SplashPhoto, originally developed for Palm OS PDAs and recently ported to Pocket PC devices, is now available for Sony Ericsson P800 smartphones. It is the first image viewer to be available for the P800 smartphone and is the first to enable users to manage and synchronize their image libraries with a desktop PC. SplashPhoto also enables P800 users to snap pictures with the built-in camera and quickly organize the images into electronic photo albums on the desktop

Executives with both Sony Ericsson and Symbian have expressed enthusiasm for the release of SplashPhoto for the P800:

โ€œWe are very excited to see the high level of quality and innovativeness with which the members of our Developer Program keep creating useful and fun applications that evolve the use of our phones,โ€ said Ulf Wretling, Director of Sony Ericsson's Developer Program. โ€œWe are looking forward to more applications from SplashData, and believe that SplashPhoto will become very successful in the Sony Ericsson Application Shop. SplashPhoto is an excellent choice for P800 users, enabling them to edit and organize digital photos on their desktop PC then synchronize and display those photos on their P800.โ€

"SplashPhoto is an excellently designed image viewer which adds real value to Symbian OS-based smartphone users,โ€ said Phil Spencer, Global Manager, Affiliate Partner Program at Symbian. "We are pleased to have SplashData join the Symbian Affiliate Partner Program and bring with them their long-standing experience at developing successful programs for mobile devices."

SplashPhoto, recently named โ€œBest Image Viewerโ€ by the editorial staff of Handheld Computing Magazine, and winner of the Handango Champion Award for โ€œBest Lifestyle Application,โ€ offers a fast, easy-to-use image viewer for handhelds and smartphones. Version 4.0 includes a desktop catalog feature with two-way synchronization, offering the easiest means of managing photos on a desktop PC and P800. Its one-of-a-kind desktop application now enables users to organize image collections into personalized categories and, upon synchronization, the images are arranged accordingly on the P800. There is no limit to the number of personalized categories that users can create.

While other image viewers allow users to view pictures on a device in their original size (many of which are upwards of 1 MB), SplashPhoto enables users to crop images on the desktop, then format and compress them for optimal viewing on the handheld's screen. As a result, SplashPhoto users are able to store hundreds of images on their devices rather than only having the capacity for storing a few.

SplashPhoto 4.0 makes it easier than ever to share photos with friends and family members. First, all images are stored as JPG files, simplifying the process of sharing pictures with people using other operating systems. Secondly, images can be transferred via Bluetooth, infrared or e-mail between different types of devices, including handhelds, smartphones, laptops and other devices.

SplashPhoto 4.0 features include:

* a desktop catalog for easily managing photo albums and synchronizing them with the P800;

* unlimited user-defined categories for organizing images;

* optimization for the P800 ARM-processor, resulting in instantaneous image display;

* SplashPhoto Desktop automatically crops/resizes JPG images to the appropriate resolution for optimal viewing on the P800;

* support for the P800 built-in camera, enabling users to instantly view and organize images captured with the built-in camera, and the ability to sync those images to the desktop for further editing, organizing and archiving;

* a โ€œPan and Zoomโ€ feature, enabling users who have installed large, high-resolution JPG images on their P800 to zoom in and out or pan across the picture to improve on-screen viewing;

SplashPhoto 4.0 is available for $29.95 at

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Convert HD video (.TS, .M2TS, .TP, .TRP, .MKV ) Between HD and Standard Video on Windows

Author: Rushrush


With the development of broadband and camera technology, High-definition video or HD video is becoming a matter of concern for more and more people. If you search the keywords "HD video" on Google or Yahoo Answer, there will be many questions about "HD video camera", "HD video download", "HD video converter" etc. In this situation, I concluded to list and answer the common questions about HD video in this article. What is HD Video ? HD video stands for High-definition video, refers to any video system of higher resolution than standard-definition (SD) video, and most commonly involves display resolutions of 1280×720 pixels (720p) or 1920×1080 pixels (1080i/1080p). PS: Some HD video download url: WMV HD Content Showcase ; Apple - QuickTime - HD Gallery What is the best HD video converter ? This is one of the questions the net-friends asked frequently. As for me, I think that there is no best, the most important is the suitable. After I fell for HD video, I all through used Daniusoft Video converter to Convert HD video (.TS, .M2TS, .TP, .TRP, .MKV ) Between HD and Standard Video on Windows. Below are 4 features of this video conversion tool I have my eyes on. 1. Convert HD video (.TS, .M2TS, .TP, .TRP, .MKV ) to video of all popular format for PSP, iPod, iPhone, Archos, mobile phone, Zune, etc; 2. Convert various video to HD video (HD AVI, HD ASF, HD MOV, HD MPEG, HD MOV, HD MP4, HD WMV); 3. Effect editing/cropping/trimming/customization video ; 4. Highlight: the conversion speed is fast and steady. How to edit and convert HD video? Step1. Free Download Daniusoft Video Converter , install and run it >>> Click the button "Add…" to load HD video. In addition, you can preview your loaded HD video on the right and snatch at wonderful pictures with the button "snapshot". Looking like the following illustration: Step2. Edit HD video. As shown above, Daniusoft video converter provides two real time preview windows, so you can get the best video effects by contrast. The main edit function are listed in detail as follow: * Cropping: Cut off the black edges of Video file. Set the Screen Size by Keeping original/ full screen/ 16:9/ 4:3. * Effect: Adjust picture quality by changing Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Volume. Meet special requirement to switch output video to Gray, Emboss, Negative, and Old Film Effect trimming. * Trimming: Trim DVD files accurately by setting the start time and end time or approximately by dragging the slider below the screen. * Watermark: you can add beautiful images or meaningful text as watermark to HD video. Step3. By this little pull-down menu to Set the output format. Daniusoft video converter supports almost all the popular video format like AVI, MPEG/MPG,WMV, MP4, FLV, 3GP, ASF, MOV, M4V, MPG, VOB, XviD, MKV, M2TS, TS, TRP, etc. So you can convert your HD video(.TS, .M2TS, .TP, .TRP, .MKV) to PSP, iPod, iPhone, Archos, mobile phone, Zune, etc. Step4: Set the saving path by button "Browse" and click "start" to convert HD video. The speed is fast. PS: Many people complain that the standard video quality is not clean. Then what can we do to resolve this issue? The answer is Converting various standard video to HD video (HD AVI, HD ASF, HD MOV, HD MPEG, HD MOV, HD MP4, HD WMV) with Daniusoft video converter, cause it support HD video as output format:

Flash videos enrich my digital life!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Grammar Writing Software - The Easy English Writing Solution!

Author: Jane Sumerset


English writing can't be easily automated. Fact is, writing is still a very human task with many flavors, styles but foremost: rules to obey. Writing is a process which involves several steps like: pre-writing, revising, drafting and editing. Next fact is, writing is not that easy, especially if you are proof reading or editing. Writing is a skill which you can improve through time, hard work, but also with proper tools and training. You do not need to go back to school just to learn it again because it might take you ages to perfect it, if you wish too. The newest technology in writing, advanced grammar writing software is the solution for your writing problems in case you missed something in school, or just want to instantly write professional English without going back to school. This software has the latest checking technology built-in, also called a Natural Language Processing system which is a sophisticated way of correcting spelling, complicated grammar mistakes, typos, and punctuation marks.

Grammar Writing Software is both beneficial to English native speakers and ESL students. It helps out in proofreading, editing and change the way you write in English. It focuses on one very important goal, and that is to improve English writing by analyzing your letter or text, identify grammatical and spelling errors as well as correcting and editing.

It is important to note that grammar writing software works in three ways: Analysis, comparison and correction. There are several important aspects that are common to most of these solutions and it includes quick analysis for proper grammar, spelling and punctuation, and even text enrichment suggestions.

Can this English grammar writing software really help us? Can it really make our life easy? There are many advantages we can get if we use the software.

It improves your grammar level
Improves your image you want to project to people
Saves you time and cost like hiring experts

There are more advantages that might not be mentioned here but for sure it will would help you to write better and on an advanced level in a minute, improving your English to sophisticated.

The Natural Language Processing technology which was mentioned earlier is one of the most powerful advantages (benefits) you can get from the English grammar writing software. This technology will surely enhance your existing text editors, improving your word choices with synonyms, adjectives, and adverbs suited to your text. It assures to provide you with extra capabilities that do not exist in conventional word processors like your spell checker.

Such software surely is the new technology that you need to avail to improve your English writing skills. It is never to late to start writing on a high level. It is actually the right time to take advantage of this technology.

Watch how innovative Grammar Writing Software instantly can improve your writings on a daily basis and learn how advanced NLP technology can help you to write even better English than your English teacher.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Merging Two Or More Images In Photoshop - First Things First

Author: David Peters -


Have you ever noticed how magazines, newspapers and some web designers are able to combine multiple photographs together to create cool collages of merged images? Merging two or more images into one image has become the standard. Everywhere you look you will see examples. Whether you are a web designer, graphic artists, or photographer you can benefit from the ability to merge photographs. Photo merging techniques will allow you to create original logos, advertisements, backgrounds for web sites, and much more.

If you have Adobe Photoshop then you already have everything you need to create amazing digital collages from multiple photos. Photoshop is the professional's choice for digital photographic editing and manipulation.

Before you start merging two or more photographs to make a digital collage it is important that you spend a little time planning your final image. While technical knowledge in how to use Adobe Photoshop to merge photographs is essential don't downplay the importance of planning your final image before you even start working in Photoshop. With that being said, the layers function in Photoshop is perfect for allowing you to experiment with different options.

The following are areas to consider when planning a photo collage image.

Choosing Photographs

The most important part of merging multiple photographs is as simple as choosing the right photographs for your photo collage. The photographs you choose can compliment each other in terms of a general theme or color scheme. Try using the eyedropper in Photoshop to check colors and look for complimentary colors.


Once you have chosen the right photographs for your photo collage it is time to think about your composition. Browse the Internet and look for example of digital photo collages and look for images that you feel are particularly effective in relaying the message intended by the advertiser or artist. Pay attention to the composition of the images. Consider what makes the images blend well together.

The great thing about Adobe Photoshop is that you can work in multiple layers which will allow you to play around with your composition before permanent placement.