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Text Orientation and Zones Using PowisPrint Software and the Fastback PowisPrinter

Author: Jeff McRitchie


When using the PowisPrint software with the P31 Printer you can customize your text in a huge number of ways. This article will discuss the options for editing text orientation and the use of zones within the software. These features allow you to take your text and use it in creative ways on your Fastback strips. In fact using zones you can print text on virtually any part of the strip and you can orient it so that it runs up and down, top to bottom, bottom to top or left to right.

Text Orientation

You can orient your text in different orientations with the buttons labeled "ABC" on your Design Window's bottom tool bar. You have three orientations to choose from: Landscape, Portrait, and Stacked. These orientations refer to how text appears on the strip. With the PowisPrint software you can change the orientations at any time while designing your strip. In Landscape and Portrait orientations, you can enter up to five lines of text. Just press ENTER when you want to create a new line. Stacked orientation allows only one line of text. If you have a lot of text, try Landscape orientation. Although you can use only one orientation per zone, you can use different orientations in different zones.


A zone designates a certain area on a strip. You can put text or an image in one, and adjust it to fit your design needs. And while the PowisPrinter keyboard offers three areas where you can print, PowisPrint software lets you use up to five. This means you can place text or images practically anywhere on the strip.

1. Bars: Along the bottom edge of the Design Window are rectangular bars ("zone bars") that designate where the zones are in your design. The default setting has three print areas, so three bars are displayed when you open the Design Window. Only one can be active at a time. The active one is designated by the white bar; inactive ones are designated by grey bars. To activate a different zone, simply place your cursor in the corresponding area on the strip or on the bar itself, and click your mouse. The one you click becomes active, and the bar directly beneath it changes from grey to white.

2. Adding:To add a new printable area, go to the Insert menu, select "Insert-Zone", then choose Left or Right. This inserts a new box to the right or left of the current active area.

3. Clearing: Clearing a box deletes all the text or the image in it. To clear the contents of an area, insert the cursor in the box you want to clear. Now go to the Edit menu, and select "Clear-Zone Contents".

4. Removing: Removing a box deletes the the printable area from the strip. You can only have up to five printable areas so it is sometimes necessary to delete one to add another. To remove one, first insert your cursor in the box you want to delete. Clear its contents, if it has any (you cannot remove a box that contains text or an image). After clearing the box, go to the Edit menu and select "Remove-Zone".

5. Resizing: You may resize a single area by placing your cursor at the box's edge. Your arrow becomes a double-ended, horizontal arrow. In this mode, click and hold the mouse button and slide the box's boundary to its new location. To resize two areas simultaneously, place your cursor in the gap between two bars. Your arrow becomes a little hand. Click the mouse button and hold it down, while sliding to the left or the right. This resizes the two areas simultaneously, maintaining the gap between them.

6. How Styles Work: The style choices you make affect the entire contents of the active area. For example, if you enter text, then press the "Bold" style button, all text in the area becomes bold. Or if you're in a area, and press the Landscape orientation, everything in the selected box orients in Landscape. You have many formatting options, but you can use only one of each per zone-i.e., each area may contain only one font, at one point size, in one style, in one orientation, at one alignment setting. So while you can't have a single printable area with two styles, you can use two zones to create a similar effect. You can also type text in different styles in any drawing program, save it as a monochromatic bitmap image, and then insert it on your strip.

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ReaJpeg v1.1 batch image conversion tool announce!

Author: Anonymous

Source: free-articles

ReaJpeg v1.1 accumulation angel about-face apparatus announce!

ReaSoft Development Company would like to advertise the absolution of the new adaptation of our accumulation angel about-face software ReaJpeg v1.1 for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP.

We achievement you will accede reviewing ReaJpeg v1.1. Should you charge a abounding adaptation for review, amuse yield it from

Please acquisition the ReaJpeg v1.1 columnist absolution beneath for your information.


ReaSoft Development Releases ReaJpeg v1.1 for Windows. Simple and easy-to-use affairs converts any of your images into JPEG and edits them in a accumulation mode.

September 30, 2002 - ReaSoft Development appear the absolution of ReaJpeg v1.1 for Windows - the capital band-aid for webmasters, designers, agenda photo enthusiasts - anybody who pays a top accolade to accurate blush beheld superior and its best aggregate with the angel compression. This band-aid helps to accomplish your BMP, GIF, FPX, PEG, etc. images and photos smaller, faster downloading with abundant quality.

Converter ReaJpeg allows you to catechumen any angel book architecture into JPEG in accumulation approach and adapt images with preview. ReaJpeg v1.1 is actual simple to use and does not crave any appropriate skills. It can catechumen lots of files at already and plan them up according to the aforementioned arrangement using simple and barefaced interface. ReaJpeg allows extenuative any acclimated arrangement as a abstracted book and amount if necessary.

ReaJpeg v1.1 provides absolute about-face of raster and agent clear formats in a accumulation mode. It converts into JPEG from GIF, BMP, FPX, PEG, PCD, PCL, PCX, PSD, PICT, PNG, TIFF, TGA, and SGI.

ReaJpeg v1.1 allows you to resize, stretch, crop, zoom, and accomplish borders for your images and photos. You can change its hue, saturation, and lightness; circle images from 0 to 360 degrees. All you charge is to accept what you wish to do while converting into JPG and again advance "Convert Selection" button. As the aftereffect you will accept all your targeted files edited and adored in JPG.

The new adaptation of the software appearance new easy-to-understand interface advised to accommodated our customers' wishes, added accumulation converting of subfolders.

For added advice and to download a chargeless balloon archetype see

System Requirements

Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP


The abounding adaptation of the software can be purchased for US $24.95

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Samsung Tocco Ultra

Author: jamiehanson


An amazing electronic gadget that keeps us connected with the entire world is a Mobile phone. Mobile phones have proved a boon to every person who uses it. No matter wherever we are and whenever we wish we can call our loved ones, they are just a call away. This amazing communication device has made world closer. The latest handsets and multiple functioning devices have transformed the life of many. Now the latest handset include amazing features like MP3 player, 8MP Camera, unlimited messaging, dual LED flash, auto focus and video recording apart from Internet connectivity. Thus, these mobile phones have become an important part of our lives and now it this awesome widget is possessed by almost all the people in the world. The value of this piece of technology is continuously growing and has reached a stage where one can not do without a handset. In the electronic market, you will find several mobile companies displaying their advanced technology and excellent applications in their production range. The most well-known mobile phone companies are Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Apple iPhone and so on. But Samsung is one of the most leading brands across the world and has gained immense popularity in mobile industry. The handsets manufactured and designed by Samsung are just beyond words as the applications are extremely useful and user-friendly. Among all other handsets available in Samsung, Samsung Tocco Ultra is highly popular and demanded all over the world. This mind-blowing gadget is a 12.8 mm slider and comes with a duralumin anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch casing to protect it from rough handling. It supports technical features like 8MP camera phone and to add clarity to your pictures it comes with dual LED flash to produce clear pictures even in the darkest of surroundings, auto focus feature that helps you to capture images that are perfect technically and video recording to record those precious moments that you would like to cherish forever. The images displayed on the 2.8 inch touch screen are crystal clear where you can customize it on your Samsung screen simply with your finger. This finger friendly interface is highly sensitive and responds immediately even if you touch it slightly. With additional features like music player, FM radio, GPS, microSD card slot for extended memory and 12-key keypad, you get all crammed together in this amazing widget. It supports 3G technology with immediate connection to Internet as the connectivity speed is surprisingly high at 7.2 Mbps. We would really appreciate the inbuilt mechanism, the speedy accelerometer that helps to connect links quickly, so viewing websites is much easier in the Samsung Tocco Ultra edition. Stay connected with the world through Internet and through other exciting features like MMS, SMS and email. You can also relax by listening to your favorite songs or music on FM radio or MP3 Player. And once you are on the Internet, you forget the world around you, you enjoy the hi-speed connectivity and view several web pages immediately. Samsung Tocco Ultra is astonishingly useful to people from all classes, either business class, service class or even a college student. Kids can't be ignored; they are engrossed to play interesting games available in this awesome handset. You can even download your child's favorite game from any gaming website as you also have an anti-virus downloaded in memory of your Samsung Tocco Ultra edition. Well, now that you are amazed with this remarkable piece of technology, just get it and experience for yourself. Get astonished by features of Samsung Tocco Ultra and feel the difference. Stay tuned with the world around you.

Enjoy your life by making it interesting with amazing technical development available in your Samsung Tocco Ultra handset offered at Samsung Tocco Ultra Know more about this awesome widget at

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Google Offers FREE Web Editor, Site and Hosting

Author: Ugur Akinci

Source: download

Are you aware that Google quietly slipped into the web design and hosting business as well?
I discovered it myself only a few months ago almost by mistake, while playing around with my Gmail account's settings.
If you have a Gmail account, type "" into your URL window and hit return to go directly to Google's web-site building (called GOOGLE PAGES) interface.
After you log in by using your regular Gmail User ID and Password, you are ready to construct your web site.
Google really made it "fool proof" to make sure everybody will be able to have a web site without any excuses.
You can select from one of the available dozen or so templates to come up with a fairly decent web site within 15 minutes at ZERO cost.
Once you create your main "Index" page, the rest is about creating additional pages and linking them to one another in any way you want.
I recommend you select at least a 2-Column template to use your second column as a navigation side bar (where you would have your text links to other pages, including the all important HOME link).
You can import IMAGES as well very easily and configure both the alignment of the images (click and drag) and their size (small, medium, large).
Here is a valuable HINT that might save you a lot of grief:
When you create a new page, do NOT use a QUESTION MARK in the file name. For some odd reason such pages cannot be linked and they gave a 404 error message (page not found) when you try to bring them up in the browser.
Instead, create your pages with file names that do not include a question mark, immediately publish them as is with no content, then go back to the same page and (if you want) write a HEADLINE that does include a question mark.
Here are the GOOD POINTS of Google Pages:
1) It is FREE.
2) You can use over a dozen free templates to construct your web site within MINUTES.
3) The web editor interface does not allow you to do too many things but it is very simple to use and the Header choices provided will satisfy a majority of web users.
4) It is very easy to UPDATE, EDIT and PUBLISH your existing pages.
And here are the NOT SO GREAT aspects of Google Pages:
1) You cannot mess around with the source code. Google has locked it out. Therefore you cannot insert any Javascript, or you cannot have a numerator, etc.
2) For the same reason, you cannot use Google pages for e-commerce either.
3) You have to start off with a domain name that is always a subset of the, as in "". However, you can POINT your own domain name to this site.
If you need a relatively static website on a FREE and well-maintained server with a FREE and very easy to use foolproof editor, then you should check out what Google has to offer.
I have a feeling Google will not stop with this basic version and will continue to add new features as we go along. It's worth keeping an eye on this new experiment from Google.
(540 words, Copyright May 2006 Ugur Akinci)
by Ugur Akinci, Ph.D.
Creative Copywriter and Technical Communicator
Ugur Akinci, Ph.D. is a Creative Copywriter, Editor, an experienced and award-winning Technical Communicator specializing in fundraising packages, direct sales copy, web content, press releases and hi-tech documentation.
He has worked as a Technical Writer for Fortune 100 companies for the last 7 years.
You can reach him at for a FREE consultation on all your copywriting needs.
Please visit his official web site for customer testimonials and more information on his multidisciplinary background and career.
The last book he has edited:

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Goodbye Rolodex - get the most out of your PDA

Author: Anonymous

Source: free-articles

Goodbye Rolodex - get the most out of your PDA

Presto! BizCard reader makes perfect sense for the businessperson on the go

Fremont, CA. Aug. 29, 2001 - A leading provider of innovative software solutions for imaging and video devices, NewSoft is proud to announce that its new product Presto! BizCard Reader has already received an initial order of 5000 units. They are due to hit the retail channels this September. This highly portable package combines all you need to do away with the business card clutter. "Those days of shuffling through the Rolodex are gone," said James Li, President of NewSoft Technology Corporation.

By digitizing your cards and importing them to your Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), you can take your contacts anywhere you go. At around 32k on your PDA, that is space you can afford. BizCard Reader is a complete package including software and lightweight one-touch A8 size scanner that enables you to turn those business cards into a digital database.

Presto! BizCard Reader, developed with ABBYY's award-winning OCR technology, won the Editor's Choice from CNET web for its amazing accuracy. Featuring smart field recognition, Presto! BizCard Reader can assign the name to the correct column in your database - all you need to do is put the card in the scanner, it does not even matter how colorful the background is or the layout of the card. "We have excellent algorithms to determine the field, which means that the package can scan and read the card no matter which way it is fed into the scanner. We plan to apply for the patent in this field," said Li.

Besides, its recognition speed is just a few seconds - from image scanning to being recognized and then being assigned to the correct column. Furthermore, using Palm system, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus Organizer or Symantec Act! you can synchronize Presto! BizCard Reader with your PDA without a complicated set up.

Presto! BizCard Reader is a very affordable yet powerful tool for those running a SOHO business or someone who is on the road much of the time. "This product is suitable for executives and business professionals who meet a lot of people and exchange business cards on a regular basis," continued Li. After attending a trade show or conference just scan those cards into your computer and you are ready to store, search or even print labels for bulk mailing purposes.

For additional information, please contact:

Chris Peterson

PR Supervisor

NewSoft Technology Corporation

886-2-26551234 ext 1266



NewSoft Technology Corporation develops, markets, and distributes award-winning imaging and multimedia software solutions, including the Presto! product line of imaging, photo/video editing, OCR software, and OCR development toolkits. Its customers and partners include Adobe, AGFA, Canon, Epson, Mustek, Samsung, NEC, and UMAX.

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Video Editing Software

Author: Richard Coppin


Video editing software is used to edit images and video stored on a computer. The software allows the image to be edited and altered individually and then will integrate it back into movable media. There are many programs available that will allow audio to be synced with video through editing as well.

There are a vast number of video editing programs available with different options, price ranges and for different skill levels. Most programs offer similar capabilities with a variance of options and ease of use and this is generally what dictates the variance in cost.

Power Director, Pinnacle Studio and Adobe Premier Elements are a few of the more popular softwares packages that are on the market. They offer similar elements and have high consumer ratings. Just as with most packages the user is given both storyboard and timeline views to offer the best possible views and to understand the effects of the edit to surrounding video.

Only a few editing packages offer a refocusing tool that allows the user to refocus distorted or fuzzy video to restore the project. If this is of importance to you it is crucial to make sure the package offers the tool.

Nearly all editing software allows text animation, titles and scrolling credits to be added to video. Research and compare what is available along with your needs to find the best video editing software for you

If you are interested in the most up to date editing software, you will find it at very competitive prices.

Richard Coppin - Check out some of these sites for more information Video Editing Software and Online Video Training Technology

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Latest Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones : Experience All Modern High-End Features

Author: Samuel Herrick


Sony Ericsson is one of the starring mobile phone manufacturing companies in the present time. It has launched numerous handsets in the present global mobile phone market. Most of the latest Sony Ericsson mobile phones are based on multimedia features. They have been specially designed to deliver amazing sound quality, easy-to-operate media players, high quality cameras and so on. The Sony Ericsson W595, W980, W850, W902, C905 and XPERIA are some of the best mobile phones that are ruling the global handset market. The high quality Walkman music player of these handsets permit the users to play all types of music whenever they want. Now, we are going to discuss about the most well known model, i.e. the Sony Ericsson XPERIA.The XPERIA is an elegant and sophisticated model that comes with high-end multimedia features. It is a fully touchscreen handset that comes with a full QWERTY keyboard. The XPERIA comes in a premium metal body casing with a vivacious 3.0 inches TFT touchscreen that dominates the front of this stunning device. One can easily capture all his memorable moments of life by using the 3.2 mega pixels auto-focus camera. The camera of the handset comes with a variety of features that allow you to capture high quality photos. The secondary videocall camera, which is situated on the front of mobile, allows you to make face-to-face videocalls with other 3G compatible devices. This device is equipped with the Pocket Office functionality that permits the users to edit and view office documents without any hassles.The C905 is one of the latest Sony Ericsson mobile phones that comes with a high quality camera feature. It has an 8 mega pixels camera which comes with features of auto-focus, face detection, smart contrast, flash and Camera images geo-tagging. With the help of these amazing features, the handset delivers sharp and crystal clear images every time. Its large colour screen works as a real viewfinder while using the camera feature and helps you in capturing best shot. It has a vibrant 2.4 inches TFT screen with the total support of 256K colours and provides a screen resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. One can easily access the navigation and short-cut keys when the device is in its slide closed position. This model even boasts off several wireless connectivity features like GPRS, EDGE, 3G HSDPA, WLAN and Bluetooth technologies that let the users transfer their data without any break at a higher transfer rate.In the sequence of latest Sony Ericsson mobile phones, the W595 is also one of the best handsets that is available in the present day market. This is Walkman feature enabled handset and supports all the popular audio and video file formats. The mobile phone comes equipped with a 3.2 mega pixels camera that deliver beautiful still pictures with an image resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. The 595 comes in various stunning colours, including Jungle Grey, Cosmopolitan White, Lava Black, Active Blue and Peachy Pink. It comes with 40 MB of shared memory and one can easily expand its external memory with the support of a memory stick micro (M2) memory card. This model has also been incorporated with Bluetooth v2.0 wireless technology that allows you to share all kinds of multimedia files with other Bluetooth compatible devices and that too without use of any wire.Almost all the latest Sony Ericsson mobile phones have incorporated with high resolution camera feature and web capabilities. They are great in wireless connectivity as well as other features such as huge memory space, Walkman music player, video capturing facility and many more. Therefore, we can strongly say that the Sony Ericsson handsets are perfect for the music fanciers as well as business persons.

Read More ABout Sony Ericsson mobile phones and Mobile Phones.